Fire Safety Comes First

Glance at newspapers from any part of the world, fire mishaps and fire safety lapses end up dominating the news every now and then. In our quest to set up new buildings, premises and establishments fast, we often end up completely ignoring, sidelining or marginalizing the critical aspects of fire safety.

Integral Aspect of Building Safety

You ought to know that Building Safety has various parameters, out of which fire is one component. If you wish to know more about building safety, please refer to the concerned website. But out here, we are about to give you a ready-reckoning as far as preventing any damage due to fire is concerned:-

  • There is a maximum occupancy limit that has been set for each kind and size of building, and the same needs to be adhered to at all points of time.
  • As far as fire exits are concerned, their mere presence is not the only factor. Proper signage is also equally important in this regard. This is for obvious reasons, considering that during the event of any fire emergency, a person should be well aware of where exactly the fire safety route is, and where the fire exits lie.
  • For the occupants of a residential building, or the employees working in an official premises, or even for the workers who are engaged in the finishing process of a new building, there are fire safety drills that need to be organized in order to demonstrate the effective ways to combat fire. The most important factor in this drill is undoubtedly making people aware of all the fire exits in a building. They also need to be instructed and trained with regard to their movements, role to be played and other critical aspects of fire safety.

We are here to spread Fire Safety Awareness!

As the representatives of Fire Safety Corps, we are not just here to aid you in fire-related emergencies, but also spread first-hand awareness with regards to fire safety. There’s a lot that you’re about to discover on this website, be it with regards to keeping your establishment fire-proof or complying with all the various fire safety laws. But we collectively thought of beginning on the right note. There have been no two opinions about it, only one unified force which spells out as follows:-

“Fire is dangerous and deadly; do not play with fire!”