Important Do’s And Don’ts Of Minimizing Fire Mishaps And Casualties

  1. Placement of Fire Extinguishers at all important places, primarily in the interior locations of buildings where ventilation is minimal, is of primary importance. Also remember, that it is not merely enough to purchase and place fire extinguishers and sand buckets at strategic points, but also equally important to educate employees about their correct, swift and prompt usage.
  2. Fire Alarm Systems need to be put in place as garnered appropriate by the security team. But statistics, cited by sources such as, claim that alarm systems often become defective owing to lack of regular checks, and end up no ringing in the event of an actual fire. So if you decide to invest in a hi-tech fire alarm system, please equally ensure that you would check on the same from time to time.
  3. In order to boost the fire resistance of walls, the openings and joints are sealed with the aid of fire-resistant materials. The same can be termed as Fire Stops. The core point here is to realize that fire stops in any new building are easily traceable and need not be especially targeted or located. But as a building gets older and years pass, the places of installation of fire stops are often forgotten. Moreover, the stops themselves often get damaged and malfunctioning. Therefore, a regular inventory of all the fire stops of a building is extremely important for the fool-proof fire safety of any building.
  4. Spray-Fire Proofing is yet another zone where there is investment from the end of the builder, but the same gets rendered ineffective owing to lack of maintenance in due course of time. So if you decide to get the various surfaces, furniture and fixtures in your home or office fire-proofed, please also make sure that these surfaces are cleaned and maintained well, so that the fire-proof coating does not get damaged.