Necessary Equipment for Extinguishing Fire

The most basic equipment that every building or premises needs to have stationed, is nothing but a fire extinguisher. Please note that as pr US legislation, a fire service agency needs to mandatorily check the extinguisher available in your premises. This rule is only exempted if you have a fire extinguisher at home, which is nothing but a personal choice. But in case of commercial complexes and other office areas, not only is purchasing and installing extinguishers compulsory, but also a mandate in the realm of getting it inspected or audited on an annual basis.

Water Sprinklers and Smoke Detectors

According to, Another point to note here is that fire can de doused only when you have the entire necessary wherewithal in place, along with a reliable alarm system. The role of smoke detectors and water sprinklers in this regard cannot be undermined at any cost. The only issue arises when there is installation and unnecessary triggering of smoke detectors in designated ‘smoking zones’ in pubs, bars, restaurants, hotel rooms etc. All said and done, fire safety is an integral aspect of all commercial, industrial, residential and hospitality establishments.

Wet Blankets

Having blankets of the non-flammable nature stored away in your apartment or building is yet another safety precaution. Wet blankets help prevent the spread of fire in many cases and when it is a class of fire that cannot be stopped without the use of specialized foam, wet blankets can help vacate residents even through hot zones.